Lynsey DeBurca

Spring Renewal

Spring is the season for renewal.
Its been a hard few months-but our new look is finally ready!

We have a new logo, new website, new imagery and loads of new pieces coming your way.
In the work surrounding this- we had to really dig back into the business- who are we? why are we different? whats our story?
In the same way a business plan gives you vision- a rebrand has the same effects. We dove back into the bare bones of the business-
we identified our core values, our design ethics, our work code,our approach to wearing ornamentation and the rediscovery of why we really love to make.
The “we” refers to a great team of help in creating and completing this project.From branding consultants, photographers, designers, web designers,family and friends- its been a fantastic team!

Lynsey de Burca Jewellery is a business that is passionate about making. Every single item of jewellery is made by hand using centuries old techniques. It is pure, clean,simple, minimal design. Jewellery that has been stripped back- bare. Simple shapes, beautiful compositions, interesting textures and purely authentic. It is a story about making.

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