Lynsey DeBurca


Looking back on my work from last year- i nearly completely forgot about these 3 pieces.

Its often very therapeutic and interesting to look back over previous work.Often something will catch my eye and it can develop into something new- off on a different tangent.It could be the composition, the finish or even the particular link- 1 element can be taken , explored and developed into an entire new range.

The featured chain link neckpiece comprises of sterling silver oval links with a mixture of yellow gold and black silver links. This was a tonal piece exploring the range of tones found on a pier wall- from grey silver to black seaweed to yellow lichen.It hung wonderfully around the collarbone and was a beautiful piece to make.

The large silver neckpiece with the large circular centre link was an intense make.Comprising of a large number of handmade silver circle links.This was a piece which took some time to make- but it was thoroughly enjoyable. It resulted in an incredibly tactile and engaging large neckpiece. Inspired by the many folds formed when fishing nets are strewn over a pier wall.

Creating chains is a passion of mine. I often love to explore different ways of making chains, different links, textures, compositions. It unleashes a great burst of creativity and energy. When you can explore your passion freely-thats a true treasure.

Even whilst i write this- I’m eager to head back to my sketchbook and jot down a few ideas for my next collection .I love this part!



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