Lynsey DeBurca

* New Drift Collection*

Introducing the new Drift Collection.

An exploration in textures, form and composition.

Inspired by the many piers and quays along the rugged western coastline.

The collection brings in new textures- inspired by the criss cross pattern of fishing net rope.

Tactile organic form pendents in silver and gold.

Statement chain neckpieces which fall beautifully long down the body.

Textured minimal design earrings in drop and stud form.

Every link unique, every piece made by hand.


And introducing our new tubular neckpieces!

Inspired by the tubular forms of the rope floats found in many working quays along the coastline.

A new textured,tactile tubular neckpiece-unique in form and texture in a combination of matte and high polish finishes.


A new and exciting collection and one which i hope you will enjoy!




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