Lynsey DeBurca


Oh how good it is to be back!

Im so thrilled to be back every Sunday in one of the most beautiful places- Roundstone.

Every Sunday during summer months- Roundstone,Connemara has the most beautiful little fair nestled along the bay.

Our view is of the coastline, the fishing boats and the Twelve Bens-idylic!

Due to babies- i had to take 2 years away from the fair- which killed me- i missed it so much.

I have made good friends there- we chat,we laugh,we sell, we eat and we drink copious amounts of coffee.

Its a great opportunity to get out of the studio and engage with my customers- a vital resource for feedback and design ideas.

I have acquired many a good customer from Roundstone, who regularly contact me for special gifts throughout the year.


I feel so incredibly lucky to have Connemara on my doorstep. I cherish my drive every Sunday morning.

Rain, hail or shine- its so beautiful.

Beautiful Connemara.


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