Lynsey DeBurca

In the pipeline…

Only 2 weeks left of summer! It flew by too quickly.

Its been quite busy in the studio all summer-especially with the added bonus of selling at the Roundstone market every Sunday!

As busy as it is- its just about to get ramped up a notch!

There are several very exciting new ventures happening in the background.

One venture will be revealed next week ( I’m especially excited about that one!)

We’ve been working (well i have- the terrier hasn’t !) very hard all summer so we’re glad to keep the momentum going.

We’ve had exciting news, exciting opportunities, exciting award  nominations all in the space of a few weeks-phew!


Autumn is most definitely my favourite season- I’m so looking forward to forest walks, autumnal colours, playing in the fallen leaves and seeing the seasons run into each other.

I’m so looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing what they have in store!



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