Lynsey DeBurca

A Creative Space

The past few months have really made us think about our business and our lives.

We have had time to reflect, assess and plan. We are extremely fortunate to have our studio located at the end of our garden in the foothills of Connemara.So we were never too far from our tools, our materials and our cosy little workspace.

This provided a little haven.

Our sweet little studio turned into a little refuge.                        A place to sit and draw. A space to learn and listen to webinars and podcasts. An extra room for the kids to chill out and read their books.It even worked out perfectly for our skype exercise bootcamp classes!

And now- our studio is back doing what it does best- creating a space to make and work.As lockdown eases and we are edging into a new “norm” and some fairly unknown territory- we are hoping our little studio will be busy and full of activity.

We are a small business, tucked away in the foothills of Connemara.Our business is all about the beauty and importance of handmade.

Every single piece of jewellery is designed and made by hand in this little cosy studio. We use ancient jewellery making techniques to create our minimal design silver and gold jewellery.

Our little studio is packed to the rafters with tradtional tools, old  but reliable machinery and pure raw materials.

We love our little space and we love making.

We are so grateful for everyones support during these times.

We hope to continue mindfully making our jewellery by hand for a long time yet.xx

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