Lynsey DeBurca


WE are delighted to be part of the Made Local Xmas campaign!

#MADELOCAL Campaign Builds Momentum for the Gifting Season –

‘Love what you Give’

80% of Irish consumers have declared an intention to buy Irish for Christmas
The second phase of the Made Local campaign, developed by the Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI),
launched on the 6th of Nov 2020. The campaign is a nationwide initiative to boost sales and drive
revenue for both makers and retailers – particularly in the lead up to the key Christmas period.
The Irish craft and design industry is a significant contributor to regional economies. DCCI has over 3,000
registered client enterprises and engages with over 230 retailers across the country who specialise in
authentic Irish products.
Phase 1 of the campaign took place mid-summer – and focused on connecting ‘staycationers’ with the
craft and design makers and retailers in the regions they were visiting. The level of engagement and
sales exceeded expectations, with consumer sentiment strongly favouring buying Irish.

The local aspect of the campaign is key – encouraging consumers to connect with makers and retailers in
their area.
Level 5 Covid restrictions have placed pressure on shops, makers and consumers alike. Over 80% of
consumers have expressed an intention to buy Irish products – and anecdotally many are planning to
begin their Christmas shopping earlier this year.
The aim of the Made Local campaign is to highlight to consumers the quality, variety and diversity of
gifts available from Irish makers, designers and retailers across the country. In addition it signposts
where consumers can buy Irish on-line, in-store and in-studio.
The Made Local campaign will run from the 6th of November up to Christmas, with over 230 retailers
involved in the campaign, supporting the work of DCCI’s 3,000 registered clients.

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