Lynsey DeBurca

Summer Jewellery Making

Its high summer and its hot outside, and inside the studio it’s considerably hotter!

I’ve been working hard so far this summer, and I’m currently finishing the second of the summer’s big orders.

Along with fulfilling orders from customers online, commissions, and my amazing stores around Ireland, I also produce work for one of Europe’s biggest online retailers.

Therefore, it has been really busy!

But don’t worry, we’re still enjoying the summer by going for walks, hiking, and exploring.


I’m very proud of being a maker in Ireland.

Every single piece is handmade as always- I stay pure to the craft and love creating pieces of jewellery using ancient jewellery-making techniques.

So this means very early starts, long hours, late nights with 2 little ones in toe, and a very supportive husband.

But how wonderful it is to be making in my own studio- im so very grateful to be working and creating.

And so appreciative of people supporting my small Irish business.

Thank you. x




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