Lynsey DeBurca

The Gloss

What a lovely surprise this morning!

We were delighted to spot our Muir Drop Earrings in this month’s The Gloss magazine!

How divine to see one of our creations in print!


It’s been a very busy few weeks in the studio- we fill large orders for several overseas clients so we often find ourselves making the same piece over and over again.

This month we are making an order of 130 bracelets- all exactly the same- so it can get a wee bit repetitive!

So it’s always lovely to see our newer pieces in print and even remember that we make other things!

Next month we are making 130 Silver Muir Pendents and 100 Ancaire neckpieces…..all by hand.

It’s tough on the hands- but we love it.

There’s a real joy and pride in making. I wouldn’t change that for the world!

Lyns xx



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