Lynsey DeBurca

Silver Jewellery Care

Like us all- silver jewellery needs a little TLC.

When not being worn- silver jewellery should be stored in their boxes or a soft fabric pouch bag.

Sulfur dioxide in the air causes a reaction in sterling silver that results in a natural discoloration. This is typical and can be fixed.

You may easily use a silver polishing cloth on the metal to restore the lustre of your silver jewellery, which should result in an amazing sheen.

With every online order- we pop in a small complementary silver polishing cloth.

These are designed specifically to remove surface dirt while restoring sparkle and have a special solution contained in them.

Another way to clean your silver jewellery would be to prepare your own at home using a mild detergent bowl.

Simply combine lukewarm water with a light cleaning agent, such as washing liquid or liquid hand soap, to get a sudsy solution.

Place the jewellery in the solution and scrub it clean with a gentle brush or old toothbrush.

Rinse with clean water, then pat it dry with a lint-free cloth.


We also offer a complimentary polishing service for all our pieces of jewellery.

For information- just contact us- at

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