Lynsey DeBurca

Welcome September

It’s a new season and we are ready for it!

This time of year is perfect- we have pleasant, mild weather. The kids are back to school.

We’re back to our resolutions, classes, and routines.

It is harvest time- so we are the most beautiful fresh fruit & veg.

We have amazing autumnal colours- everywhere is bursting with colour!


In our studio- along with getting our orders out to our customers and retailers- we have been quite busy.

We completed a quite intense business course this summer- courtesy of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

So we’ve been planning, plotting, organizing & outlining. This has been our busiest year yet and we’re so grateful!

We have a lot in the pipeline- we’ll be changing things, introducing things, starting things and you’ll be seeing a lot more of us!

So please keep an eye out for our business.

We’re growing and we couldn’t have done that without all our support.

thank you.

Stay tuned.

Lyns x


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