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* New Drift Collection*

Introducing the new Drift Collection. An exploration in textures, form and composition. Inspired by the many piers and quays along the rugged western coastline. The collection brings in new textures- inspired by the criss cross pattern of fishing net rope. Tactile organic form pendents in silver and gold. Statement chain[…]

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Coming Soon

Getting a little excited about the new collection. Its week of crossing the T’s and doting the I’s. Nearly ready to rival all! New pieces will be available online in several days. Stay tuned!!

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Creative Voices Podcast

A lovely podcast i had the pleasure of doing recently with Jeff from The Treebank Store in Moycullen. A chat about inspiration, making, creativity and studio feng shui! Have a listen:

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Special Gift

Its a wonderful thing when you’re asked to create something unique and special for a little girl’s special day! I was delighted to be asked to make this simple charm pendent for a recent Communion. I actually make quite a lot of pieces like this ( i just always forget[…]

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Its the little things…

The big makeover is all nearly complete! The 1st step was the new website, then we thought- sure why not? lets go for a new look logo- then with a new logo comes absolutely everything! a whole new branding concept! New colours, new look, new feel, new concept- out with[…]

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Looking back on my work from last year- i nearly completely forgot about these 3 pieces. Its often very therapeutic and interesting to look back over previous work.Often something will catch my eye and it can develop into something new- off on a different tangent.It could be the composition, the[…]

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Spring Renewal

Spring is the season for renewal. Its been a hard few months-but our new look is finally ready! We have a new logo, new website, new imagery and loads of new pieces coming your way. In the work surrounding this- we had to really dig back into the business- who[…]

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