Lynsey DeBurca

Caring for your jewellery

Sterling Silver

It is natural for sterling silver to tarnish over time.
Jewellery is best kept when it is stored separately in a soft lined box, pouch or jewellery box.
Avoid wearing jewellery while swimming, cleaning, gardening or exercising.

Cleaning silver jewellery is best done with a professional jewellery soft polish cloth or a jewellery cleaning dip (with special care to instructions).
Alternatively by making up a bowl of warm water with washing liquid and a gentle scrub with an old soft toothbrush.

Gold Plate

Gold plating can wear over time. To avoid the gold plate- avoid spraying perfume on or near the jewellery.
To avoid scratches- wrap your jewellery in a small soft cloth and keep in a pouch or jewellery box.

We offer a free gold re-plate; please contact us for more details.

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