Contemporary jewellery inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way, handmade in Galway.

grew up beside a pier close to Kinvara.This tiny little pier was a treasure trove of fishing nets, lobster pots, crab cages and boat chains. The images have stayed with me, they are etched in my memory and inform my work to this very day. From the composition of fishing nets strewn over a pier wall to the copper rust tones of boat chains contrasting against the silver tides. Every element an inspiration.

My favourite link pendants and full chain necklaces highlight an innovative and contemporary  approach to design, accented by evocative Gaelic names like Ancaire, Cloch, Fada and Tonn Beag.

I also like to evoke the love of my home by naming jewellery pieces after areas such as The Hill of Doon, Tarrea, Tooreen and Doorus.

Beautiful pieces named after beautiful places.

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