For my jewellery; every piece is created in sterling silver and using centuries old craft techniques, each link from every one of my collections is hand forged in my studio in Moycullen,Galway.

The links have their own unique fingerprint – they are all different, organic. Each individual one retains an untouched raw texture on the outer edge contrasting against the smooth high polish of its flat finished front. This reflects the rough texture of the rocks along our coastline in repose against a sometimes flat and tranquil silver tide.

For creating this beautiful work- i use several techniques such as:

Piercing-which is the action of using a jewellers saw to cut shapes from the interior of a piece of metal.

Soldering-is a process which two or more items are joined together by melting and putting a solder into the joint.

Roller mill texturing- is a process that allows a pattern to become embossed on metal by placing the impression between 2 sheets of metal with the jewellery piece and rolling it through the roller mill.

Forging-is an ancient metalsmithing technique used to control the shape of sterling silver and by hitting the silver with a specially shaped hammer called a forging hammer.

Electroplating -is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal by electrochemical plating.

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